Event Relations

We assist with coordinating and scheduling most events that take place on campus. It is our goal to serve you the best we can and make your event a successful, fun, and enjoyable experience.


At Vanguard, we strive for the best and we believe that starts with the small things. From the first contact to the finishing touches, our goal is to make your program a success. We believe the three pillars of a successful event are: Commitment, Passion, and Service.


We like to think of our guests as part of the family. From start to finish, we are committed to making your event a successful, fun, and enjoyable experience.


Our passion is in our community. As a guest, you are part of this community and help make it what it is.


Our staff is eager to help and ready to answer your questions.You are important to Vanguard and we strive to make that obvious through our actions. We set the bar high and push for excellence. We hope this will be reflected when you walk around our beautiful campus, sip coffee on the Cove patio, teach an invaluable lesson with someone in your group, or get that perfect snapshot to capture a memory.

Worry free. No hassles. Successful.